Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Zac and I have added to our happy little family! This little lady came to us through a crazy but wonderful guy named Tony. Tony is a regular at my work and we have had a running joke for a while now that since I don't drink and he bought the rest of the branch drinks one night that he "owed me a puppy". At first it was just a running joke that I could bug him about but shortly after it started he knew a guy selling boxer puppies and asked if I wanted one. Duh, of course I did. But at the time Zac and I knew that a puppy would be a pretty big expense and we weren't in a situation to do it. So the puppies were all sold. Well, last week Tony came in and told me that one of the families that took a puppy couldn't keep her anymore and he wanted to find her a home. I jumped right on that! I wasn't really sure of why the family didn't want her or how she would be but I couldn't pass something like this up. Sure enough, Saturday Tony showed up in his big ol' truck with this precious little girl just for me. 

I know it sounds silly but I could have wept I was so elated. To keep it simple, I need something to take care of. Babies aren't in the equation right now (which is a whole other story on it's own. Someday I'll write it all out) and I was ready to go get a pet rock just to have something to call my own and take care of. That's where Lucy has stepped in and filled that void. What an angel dog we were blessed with. She just LOVES to be loved! The family she was with before obviously didn't care for her that way that they should have. At first she was terrified of the tennis ball, would back away quickly if you got a little loud, and wouldn't make a peep. I think now that she has been here a couple days she is starting to realize that this is home now, and that we love her like crazy. Her little personality is starting to come out and she is the perfect match for us. I can't even stress how much of a blessing she is to me. Aaaand now I'm that crazy dog mama but I love it! :) 

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