Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Dear KSL,
I love you. I really do. Sometimes you suck, though. Stop letting people post great deals with NO pictures. It weirds me out. I refuse to drive to Lehi to pick up anything that is "in great condition" that I can't see. Even if I DO need a kitchen table. Or bed frame. Or a TV stand. And if the person that posted it is just too lazy to snap a picture of it well, then I don't think they deserve my business. Thanks.

Mrs. Martin

Dear Oven,
Hi, do you remember me? The girl that was so excited to use you... Well, you're letting me down. It should not take you an hour and a half to pre-heat to 400 degrees. We both know I'm too impatient to wait to put my homemade bread in. Which results in gross bread, in case you forgot. Let's pick up the pace, eh?

The girl with no homemade bread

Dear People that use the Washer at Two AM,
I have a fun fact for you, that washer is RIGHT underneath my bedroom. Do you know how loud that thing can get? I don't think you do, considering you ditch your clothes down there and leave them in the washer and/or dryer for 2 days. Weird, seeing as how it was imperative you had to wash them RIGHT THEN. Oh, and then you walk in on me taking them out when I've finally had enough. That wasn't awkward or anything. Anyways, next time just hold your horses, do you laundry when you have time to actually do it.

The tired Martins

PS. Turn the dang light off, we pay for the electricity down there.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i'm basically famous.

I'm so excited to show you this!

Drumroll please....

Today I have a giveaway for Pretty Little Somethings going on at busy bee lauren!

I really love this girl. She's a riot to read and I feel like if we ever met in person we would be BFE's. (best friends eternal. haha)

Look, here she is modeling the headband I named after her! You can head over to her blog and enter to win one just like it! Oh, and if you don't win, don't worry! You can use the code 'busybee15' when you check out at my shop to get 15% off any headband!


So go enter, and go read Lauren's blog. You'll love her.