Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Woohoo. Yippidty doo. Yeehaw.

I'm 21. :)

Zac was so cute about it, he made me consent to the "3 days of Amy's birthday" which means I got presents Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. He did pretty well with gifts even though the worrier in me kept thinking "Oh no, Christmas is so soon and we need to save money to buy stuff for other people!" but I'm so glad Zac loves me so much.

On Monday night we went to sleep fairly early but early the next morning Zac kept waking up and rolling over and going "Happy Birthday, wife" in his sleep. Gosh I love him.

The day was great, and really relaxing. I went to work early at the portrait studio but when I called the restaurant to see what time I had to be there they surprised me and told me I didn't have to even go in! So I spent the day snuggling my husband, getting my nails done, and eating. Basically the best.

This picture is just a little taste of Zac's mad wrapping skills. Or would it be skillz in this case?
My pumpkin spice cupcake. There is nothing better than cupcakes. Truly.

Friday, December 10, 2010

puzzle pieces.

You know what I love?

(I'll just pretend you answered with "what?")

I love discovering little things that make me feel like puzzle pieces of myself are sliding into place. While I was home for Thanksgiving Zac and I went to visit my Grandma Shirley and Kylee and I decided to go through some old photos. While we were digging through years of snap shots I started to feel closer and closer to my Grandpa George, who passed away when I was 8. Below are some of the Polaroids that were stashed away in the box. There was a spark. A connection. I know why I am so utterly obsessed with Polaroid pictures. They were my grandpa's favorite. I have his old camera and if I had more mula, I'd be snapping millions of Polaroids of every little thing. Just like him. Just look and admire; the vintage quality, the colors, the feeling that he just wanted to capture even small things, like the way the kitchen wall looks or a family trip to Yellowstone. Love in every shot.

(I apologize for the pictures of pictures, especially from my phone.)

Monday, December 6, 2010


So yesterday I got up and actually curled my hair which was a nice change from the ponytails I usually have in for work all week.

Thinking it looked pretty nice I asked Zac if he likes my hair curly and you know what he said?

"I like it when it looks like you just got out of the shower"

Well, at least I know he's easy to please. But maybe next time I should ask before I spend 45 minutes curling my hair.