Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This is what my brain looks like.

Just kidding, that's just what my new kitchen looks like. ha! We FINALLY got our apartment here in Greeley (after living in hotels and basements for almost 4 weeks!) I'm so excited to be able to have all of our stuff and to decorate a new place!

So basically right now is just a transition... moving into the apartment, Zac's summer selling season just started, I'm starting some classes at the local community college (art classes! YES!) and I'm going to be looking for a part time job around here. So much new-ness! We did summer sales last year but I feel like this year will be different, in a very good way.

Here's to a new adventure! :)

Friday, April 15, 2011


Months ago my mother gave me a book to read, telling me that her book club had read it and she thought I may like it. I died. The book was Water for Elephants and it was spectacular. I won't lie, there were a couple of parts I wouldn't recommend for everyone and they made me blush but they are easy to skip, like I did. However, when I head that there was a movie version coming out, I died again. I am so excited! The trailers are beautifully done and lead me to believe that I will approve of the film version. Hooray! Just one more week!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dumb circle.

So last night after I posted that last little diddly doo, I looked at my stat counter and I was amazed by how many people really do look at my blog. But I always feel silly posting anything because I feel like I'm just talking to nobody... So it's this dumb circle in my head, I don't blog because nobody ever says hi or comments but then I see that people really do read it, or at least stop by it, and I get excited to post something but then I feel silly again.

I know this is madness.

Like I need validation to post on my own blog that is just supposed to be about me and my newlywedness. Ha. But for reals, if you're reading this, make me feel less like I'm talking to nobody. I want to know the people that are reading my ridiculous thoughts. Heck, maybe I would even start posting more. And probably make it more interesting.

So... hi all you blog creepers. Just say hi back.


I don't really fancy myself a master chef but I need to show you a little something. A little something that Emily and I might be obsessed with. Like, we've made this probably 4 times in the past 2 weeks. Mmm. Emily has dubbed it "Toasted Tuscan Salad" because it had no name, except delicious.

Start with a loaf of sourdough bread. If I were an exact sort of person I would say that these are about 1 inch pieces but really, just cut it into bite sized chunks. Lay it out evenly on a cookie sheet and toast it under the broiler.


I had to add this picture because I'm incredibly proud of how lightly toasted these pieces are. Usually, we forget them in the oven and they burn a little (or a lot, sometimes. whoops.)

Cut up some tomatoes, fresh mozzarella , and FRESH basil! Again, just bite sized chunks, whatever floats your boat.

Toss it all with some sea salt and good olive oil (it really does matter if it's a nicer kind of oil, we weren't as impressed when we used the really cheap stuff) and devour it all. Because that's what we do. But for real, this stuff is so delicious and summer-y it makes me so anxious for fresh veggies and herbs this summer!

P.S. We moved! (Our 4th move in our 11 months of marriage.) I swear I will post about it, but food was more important.