Saturday, June 16, 2012


Sooo Zachary & I have bought our first little home! It is in the CUTEST little town, Windsor. We have purchased it with full knowledge that it needs some TLC (aka lots of work) but we couldn't be more excited! The guy we bought it from had renters in it previously and they weren't exactly gentle with it but we have done all the necessities to make it clean and livable while we save up for all the big exciting stuff we have planned! New floors (a super dark lamanite "wood" throughout), expanding the teeny tiny bathroom, all the good stuff! Here's a little peek into our latest project... 

Front room looking from the front door

This half wall was absolutely POINTLESS. And we knew we would just end up storing junk on it.

Front bedroom. Someday this will be my (our) office! The carpet was gnarly so Zac just pulled it out. 

Second bedroom, mostly storage right now but hopefully in the future a cute little nursery :)

Sorry about the stuff all over, this is when we were in the midst of moving. 

Other side of the kitchen. Please notice the lovely stencil work on the walls.

The mini bathroom. Mural included at no extra charge.

Our bedroom! Luckily, when Zac pulled up the carpet in here we found the original hardwood flooring! So neat!

Front room after a quick coat of paint & some bright new curtains! Someday there will be some amazing crown moulding on the top and bottom (is it still "crown" if it's by the floor?)

I love my grey walls. And the fact that the half wall is gone :) Pulled right off by my super manly husband.
So there you have it. Home. We also have a huge yard that needs lots of lovin' too but that is honestly the least of my worries. We are so so excited to see what we can do with it and make it OURS! It's still so crazy to think of ourselves as homeowners but it's a reality now! Craaaazy. I'll keep you updated as we go along & if you have any tips go ahead and throw them our way!