Thursday, August 30, 2012

foot, meet mouth.

So it has hit the interwebs. And I feel oh, so silly about my slightly bitter post a couple weeks ago. Please know that I was writing it from a very honest and real place in my heart, I had NO idea about this precious little spirit that we are being blessed with. I guess Heavenly Father was not only showing me a little patience but some humility as well. And with that said, I cannot even tell you the magnitude of our excitement and gratitude! Yes, I cried over that silly little stick that I peed on, we rushed out to get 10 more tests, and I have been puking my guts out ever since. When I originally found out I calculated my due date to be April 6, putting me at about 9 weeks right now but a few days ago we had to go in to the doctors for some pains I was having and they dated the little nugget at around 7 weeks. Lame, but we saw the heartbeat and everything looked perfect! And yes, we realize the social norm is to wait until 12 weeks to let the cat out of the bag but A. we cannot contain this excitement and B. at the doctor's appointment everything looked so great that we were given only a 5% chance of miscarriage (so obviously we are praying like crazy that we are not the exception in this case). So, whew, that's it. We have a baby coming! 

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Meggan said...

yay im so happy for you!! Maybe we can blame that post on emotional prego hormones?!! CUTE!!! No but really im glad you posted about your struggles, im sure PLENTY more people than what you would guess are struggling with getting prego and im sure its nice to know they are not alone in it! anyway YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!