Thursday, June 17, 2010

my fingers are about to break off.

I'm sitting here looking for any excuse to take a break from writing thank you cards (I know, it's been 2 months, I'm hurrying!!!!) because my poor little hands are starting to become permanently cramped. Yeouch. So I thought to myself "Psh, blog post!"

Guess what happens tomorrow?! Me and this handsome guy get our new apartment!

You may be saying "Amy, where have you been living then?" Oh no big thang, we've just spent the last 2 weeks living in an extended stay hotel. Zac loves it here but I have mixed feelings about it. I feel weird having people come in and make my bed in the morning and this is the "kitchen" that I am supposed to cook in...

Yeah, we've been living like slobs, don't judge. Also, you can see So You Think You Can Dance on in the background.

I'm ready for our new apartment, I'm excited to unpack everything from the car and to be able to cook a decent meal!

(This picture is just to show you all where I've been ALL day, you can see the boxes of cards and the computer I'm using for the gift list. I CANNOT wait to be done with the darn things!)

Pictures of the apartment coming soon hopefully :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm not really one of those bloggers that read a bajillion other blogs, I usually like to stick to just friends and family but the one exception I make is for Busy Bee Lauren. Seriously hilarious. I mean, srsly. She had a post about old favorite photos and I love the idea. If I had my computer in the hotel with me I would probably have an unnecessarily long post this time, but for now I just have the used Mac that Zac bought from one of his friends that doesn't have any of my personal photos... So I swiped my NEW favorite picture from my own Facebook. Ha.

Is this not the most fantastic picture ever? I absolutely LOVE it. My dad has always been one of my very favorite people, ever since I was just his little JoJo. I love how much we look alike, especially in this picture. It was kind of crazy on my wedding day with SO many people outside the temple and so many pictures to get... After we took group photos Zac and I went around the side of the temple to the "bride's garden" for photos of just us. Well, my dad came running around the corner and asked Andrea (my photographer) if she would take some of me and him. I am so happy that he did, this is so special to me. I can't believe I almost didn't get one of just us. Dad and JoJo.

Now it's your turn, whoever is reading this. It's fun. Just find a favorite picture and tell about it. The memories will be worth it.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Just in case any of you haven't heard, WE'VE MOVED! Ahhh! We are now living in the Aurora/Naperville area in Illinois. Which is nuts because I lived in Naperville when I was just a wee one! Anyways, it's been crazy and I just flew in yesterday so I'll post stuff soon, but I just wanted to let everyone know! :)