Friday, April 5, 2013

Oh, hi there!

Oh, sheesh. 8 months without a single update on our life and now there is so much going on that it almost seems impossible to recap all that has happened. I am so sad with myself that I didn't do more to document this entire pregnancy but as they say, hindsight is 20/20. I can't believe our little girl is due in just 13 short days. Where did this time go? Why do I suddenly feel so rushed and so torn between wanting her in my arms and wanting her to forever be my little cupcake bouncing around in my belly? As we get things ready for her I sometimes just stare at something like her car seat and it hits me right in the stomach that we are going to be PARENTS. ETERNALLY. But we are ready, and so incredibly excited to have our little one here with us!

In non baby news, we have moved! Yep, our seventh move in almost three years of being married. This move is definitely more permanent seeing as how we have sold our souls to the Bank of Utah in exchange for one home that is in need of a little TLC and a whole lot of time. We absolutely loved Colorado and miss it a lot but Zac and I had both been feeling like we needed to be closer to our immediate families and everything has just fallen into place for us. The house we bought is in Clearfield, 3 blocks away from the Martin side and a quick 2.5 hours from the Robinsons, much closer and convenient for our baby to know her grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins! Zac is now working for Keller Williams with his dad selling real estate and is loving it thus far. I'm so glad that he has found something that he loves and can build on while he does his online classes. I'm still at Wells Fargo but have a lovely stretch of baby vacation coming up that can't get here soon enough!

I am horrible at ever taking pictures of our happenings, mostly because we are pretty stinkin' boring but I will add a few from my phone to hopefully give you a little reassurance that we are still here, still just Zac and Amy.

On Halloween we went and did our civic duty & voted! But weed is still legal in Colorado...

On November 6 my little niece Raylee was born and she is my absolute favorite little nugget ever. 

In November we also found out that the bambino is a little lady! Zac was right the whole time. 

Merry Christmas to Zachary, he got his Ruger 10/.22 and no ammo. 

Christmas was a quiet one this year, which we loved. Lucy even enjoyed herself (even though she was in puppy diapers)

Around 30 weeks if I remember right, my toes were starting to disappear!  And I thought my belly was sooo huge then... 

In February Jes went through the Denver temple for her Endowments and Amanda was able to come out to visit! We are due one day apart with little girl cousins

Moving day. Of course. 

The living room as it sat when we bought the house. Yep, lime green walls and blue commercial grade carpet. Why not?

Taking advantage of free manual labor (thanks Owie!)

The walls painted before the new carpet went in, which is now installed and currently covered in baby stuff and Lucy toys so that will be documented at a later date.

I don't do mirror pictures but that morning my belly felt particularly gigantic and needed to be addressed. 37 weeks. 
The handsome and licensed (in Utah) Mr. Martin. 
This was just last night. I can't believe how something as simple as Zac putting together a travel system could make me all emotional and even more in love with that guy. He is amazing. 
The madness that is my house right now. I should probably get on finishing her nursery so things can have a place...

 Welp, I think that's about as much updating as I can stand right now. Hopefully the next post will be introducing our little cupcake! Cross your fingers that she comes quickly and without a single pain ;) ha!