Wednesday, February 15, 2012

lack of photos.

You know, for someone who dreams of taking photos as a livelihood I reeeeeally suck at documenting our life. Words only do so much on a blog. So I apologize. I know you're all just dying to see our lovely faces... Perhaps tomorrow after my fresh haircut I'll be in the mood to snap some :) Anywho, we've just been busy as ever! We recently took a trip to Utah for a wedding I shot so I've been glued to my computer screen trying to organize & edit the billions of photos from the weekend. I loved every detail of the wedding and I would consider it to be my best work to date. So between work, photos, and trying to work off this nasty marriage weight I've been pretty busy! Oh, which speaking of losing some ell-bees, I could use all the motivation I could get! I've never been great at sticking to working out but this time I am dead set on it so send some positive vibes my way :) also, being my friend on myfitnesspal would be grand, too! Find me, username amyjomartin. Zac is running around being awesome as always. His new company is doing great and we're so excited about it! Their website is up and running so go check it out, like his Facebook page, and send those positive thoughts his way, too (and maybe some referrals? Haha) We are still in our primary calling teaching the 5 year olds which is an adventure to say the least... Last week I had a little boy call me annoying because I made him sit by Zac when he was acting up. Uhhh, thanks? I didn't even know what to say and Zac wasnt paying attention so the little booger basically got away with it. Whatever. I pick my battles other than that we're just stoked that Easter candy is starting to show up in the stores... Tis the season ;) we've been watching a ton of psych and chuck in our few hours we get together. Life is pretty grand if you ask me.