Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What. Up.

Hola! My name is Amy and I never blog. Here are some pictures, at the request of the wonderful Ashley Hanson.

A quick recap:
+We've been married for a year and I made delicious salmon to celebrate.
+Making bread is actually pretty easy and I'm hooked on it.
+I started my new job at the boot grill. And I wear wranglers. Yee haw.
+We picnicked and Zachary is cute. And I love him.
+There were some pretty killer deals on drinks at Safeway so the ratio of drinks to food in our fridge is waaaay off.
+The weather here is gorgeous.
+An egg was stubborn and wouldn't come out of the carton.
+Our little sisters are beautiful AND smart, they are both seminary graduates and will both be graduating high school so soon!

The end.