Thursday, August 26, 2010


I am a simple girl. I get excited over little things.

Like yesterday when Zac and I signed the rental agreement for our new apartment I almost squealed.

Our new place is so adorable and charming. It was built in the 30's and has exposed brick and hardwood floors. It's a quaint little place. Perfect for us and I can't wait to see what I can do with it.

I pinky promise I'll post pictures.

Oh, and the exciting news is postponed for just a couple days.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

tomorrow is going to be very exciting for me!

do you want to know why?

i bet you do.

so i guess you'll have to check here tomorrow to see what it is...


Friday, August 20, 2010


I like to smell good. It's a little problem I have; I am addicted to perfume.

I think it all started with this little bottle


Viva La Juicy. Seriously delicious and when I first found it, it was so unique (nevermind that you can buy it at walmart now with a scratch and sniff sticker on it) and I wore it all the time and constantly got compliments. I think this is when my life changed.

Then I bought my Flora by Gucci in Russia as a little gift to myself. Plus, it's awesome because I bought it it RUSSIA.


I love this smell. This is what actually inspired me to write this little blog post. The other night Zac and I were getting ready for bed and I suddenly panicked. I had no clue where all my perfume was, and my Gucci is what I wanted. So today as I'm packin' up our apartment I found it! And I quickly sprayed it all over myself. And now I am sitting in my own little cloud of heavenly Flora.

For Christmas I talked my mom into buying me this one...


Brittnee's little sister Brailee came to our apartment with this one on and I DIED. It's fresh and scrumptious. Basically I wear it every single day.

Next, I want some Coach. Just to spice it up.


Kylee and I both found this in a magazine and have confessed to rubbing the little test strip all over ourselves like fools. But yum. It's a good one.

The end.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


obesessed with:

vanilla mint chapstick. thanks britt.


a rental contract. blech.

listening to:

kings of leon. old and new. i know it sounds risque but "sex on fire" is a magnificent song.


i've watched alot of nonsense lately, but i saw food, inc. this week AND watched now and then, SUCH a good movie.

hoping for:

this adorable house in provo to work out for us!

not so happy about:

just normal stressy stuff. like money.

happy about:

the summer almost being over! i might get to see my husband a little more often and i get to decorate a house that is OURS. and we can see all of our friends and family! oh it will be bliss.

grateful for:

oh, so many things. zac, his job, my family, the gospel, our amazing friends, our health, music, crafty stuff that keeps me busy... the list is never ending!

Friday, August 13, 2010

money. ugh.

I'm not exaggerating a bit when I say that the only downside of marriage that I have found is that everything seems more expensive. I guess I was so used to living the single girl life with a little bit of help from my parents that all of these grown up expenses just blow my mind! And this summer we've had lots of surprise expenses pop up like new tires and airplane tickets. But I heard about and the word was that this site is fantastic for budgeting and keeping track of everything. And it is. I love it! I was a tiny bit skeptical in the beginning when I had to link my bank accounts to it but I did some research and finally felt comfortable with it. I'm hooked! I feel more at ease dealing with our money and knowing where it's all going! Just sayin... I highly recommend it.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

the return.

I'm back from Idaho. It was a good trip; I loved seeing all my family even though the circumstances weren't happy. When I say all my family, I mean ALL my family. All of my aunts and uncles were able to make it from all over the country and lots and lots of cousins.

The funeral services for my grandpa were absolutely perfect. We all laughed at the good old stories about him, like when he had convinced my grandma while they were dating that he was a pimp and was very serious about it until my grandma got so upset that she demanded he take her home (that's always been a personal favorite of mine) but at the same time everyone had such respect for the life that he lived. It was touching. So many people came to show their love for him and it was just visual proof of the good person he was.

I didn't get any pictures while I was there which I now regret but it's ok, it wasn't too exciting. We spent alot of time on grandma's back porch just hangin' out.

On the way back yesterday I took a flight from SLC to Phoenix and then from there to Chicago. Those were the longest flights of my life. On the first one I sat by the nicest old lady that of course smelled like she hadn't bathed in a week and a lady on the other side of me that was SO rude to the flight attendants that I felt bad for even sitting next to her. Also, she had hairy legs. Yuck. THEN, on the flight from Phoenix there was a screaming baby behind me and a girl from Detroit that needed to tell her whole life story THIS LOUD to the guy next to her. Oh airplanes. I need my space. Ha.

I'm SO glad to be back home with Zac now. That was a rough week without him. I love my husband.

Now, I'm trying to get everything in order because our summer is finally winding down! I'm searching high and low for a decent apartment at a decent price in or around Orem. Any suggestions? I've decided that I need a washer and dryer, I've been spoiled this summer by always having one and now I just don't think I can go back.